Thursday, August 26, 2010

Travel Research Vietnam: Must Buys

So our next trip is November this year to Vietnam. I started doing research for our trip this week. Ofcourse, the first thing I do is read through the Pinoy Exchange and Girl Talk forums on their threads on Vietnam. There's a lot of information there and I haven't quite finished. I go off a lot on different tangents and end up in other sites about the country.

One of the things I have searched for are...what are nice things to buy in Vietnam or what are their specialties. One of the things that caught my eye are their Lacquer-wares. They have really beautiful bowls, boxes and wall hangs like these:

from photobucket -

from heapfullofhelp's blog -

I also read about these bamboo dragonfly toys that are cute. They are made well-balanced and can stand on your finger:

from mishaparis' blog - 


So far, that's what I found! I'm excited to look for cultural/crafty handmade items from there. I'll keep my eyes open for now.


  1. Hi! This is Cindy from Heapful of Help. Thanks for featuring my photo in your blog. I have just posted a suggested three-day travel itinerary on the site. Visit

  2. thanks...will definitely check that out. Our trip is fast approaching and an itinerary will be very helpful!

  3. Hi again. I have answers to your questions on my post.